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Design Integration

Design Integration - Enterprise Connect

Good design helps businesses trim down to achieve new growth. CMD is an industrial design business established for 17 years, with a consumer-centric approach to product development.

We follow CMD's Craig Mounsey as he walks us through the journey to help one of Australia's most recognisable brands become a dynamic player in a global market through customer-focused design and innovation. This video demonstrates the essential role design has to play in helping business build success.

Design Integration Program

Ladder manufacturer steps up onto the global stage

The Enterprise Connect Design Integration Program helps Australian businesses step up on the global stage.

Branach is a leading manufacturer of fibreglass safety ladders in Australia and exports throughout Asia. Branach undertook an Enterprise Connect Business Review, and the Design Integration Program which led to the implementation of lean manufacturing practices and a renewed customer focus.

The Design Integration Program was integral in providing fresh perspective and an innovative approach to improving how the world’s best ladder maker does business.

Design Integration Program

Tapping into global markets

Enterprise Connect helps businesses streamline their approach to tap into global markets.

Enware is a 70 year-old Australian tap ware business that delivers on the promise of "dependability, durability and style".

In collaboration with the Enterprise Connect Design Integration Program and renowned industrial designer Mark Armstrong, Enware has re-defined its product strategy to focus on manufacturing products to meet market need, rather than every need.

Business Review

Transport company sets the right course for the long haul

Townsville Transport Services is a family run business. In the highly competitive transport and haulage game, the business owners found themselves exhausted and not reaping the benefits of their efforts.

In this story hear from business owner Darryl Downey as he recounts his journey, with additional perspective from Enterprise Connect Business Adviser, Cathy Morato.

Supplier Continuous Improvement Program

Business benefits from servicing Defence supply chain

Making the most of opportunities starts with knowing what opportunities your business has.

Following a Business Review from Enterprise Connect, Electromold discovered there was huge potential in a change of strategic direction, and a lot of support available to help them make that change.

Electromold now supply a number of Aerospace manufacturers with specialised finishes for their components, previously only available in the United States.

Supplier Continuous Improvement Program

Defence business benefits from supply chain improvements

Enterprise Connect helps Australian businesses build links in the supply chain of major global companies. Ferra Engineering is a great example of Australian businesses working together for mutual benefit.

Ferra has successfully transformed from Australian telecommunications component manufacturer to a world-leading maker of components for aerospace and defence.

Supplier Continuous Improvement Program

Defence supplier recognises the need to improve

Recognising the need to improve is the first step to business improvement.

Rosebank Engineering is a business supplying maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services and precision components for the civil and military aerospace industries.

After participating in the Defence Industry Innovation Centre’s, Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP) Rosebank Engineering has seen measurable improvement across the business.

Researchers in Business

Manufacturer gets competitive edge from research

In a changing world, Enterprise Connect helps businesses change for the better.

Many Australian manufacturers are looking for a competitive edge to step up onto the global stage.

A.W.Bell, after participating in Enterprise Connect’s Researchers in Business Program is now a supplier for the defence and aerospace industries, including various global players.

Innovative Regions

Building strategic business alliances

Enterprise Connect's Building Strategic Alliances is designed for small and medium businesses and other regional entities interested in forming alliances to increase their productivity and growth.

The Floriculture Group, made up of Blokker's Fresias, Van Dieman's Bulbs, Flowerdale Flowers and Southern Bulbs from the Burnie region of Tasmania, share their journey and show how collaboration, knowledge sharing and cooperation has helped strengthen their industry.

Clean Technology Forum

Pathways to clean technology in water systems

The Interchange Seminar provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to learn and share information on the barriers, opportunities and methods involved in transitioning to clean technology. The seminar also introduced delegates to the interactive Innovation Interchange web portal - a valuable tool for developing ongoing networks and tapping into the best sources of market intelligence. The seminar was delivered with funding from Enterprise Connect.

Food and Beverage

Manufacturer of juices and soft drinks undergoes transformation

Juicy Isle, a manufacturer of juices and soft drinks and distributor of major fast moving consumer goods brands in Tasmania enlisted the help of Enterprise Connect’s Tailored Advisory Service to help start the transformation process, which began with a Business Review.

Juicy Isle is now in stage two of the Continuous Improvement Program, and has recently integrated three other businesses under their banner.

Sustainability Opportunities

Sustainability creates opportunities

Want to give your business a competitive edge? Implementing sustainable practices in your business can reduce your costs, increase productivity, create a point of difference and help your business to grow. With the right advice, small and medium businesses can achieve real benefits from sustainability

Follow the owners of three diverse businesses as they share their sustainability journey and show how making a few smart environmental decisions has made a big difference to the way they do business.


Boat manufacturer navigates through difficult times

The global financial crisis affected many Australian businesses.

Follow boat builder Steber International as they share their journey through difficult times by expanding into boat refits, saving money through sustainability and implementing new human resources systems.

Textiles, Clothing and Footwear

Boot manufacturer designs a better future

The textile and clothing industry in Australia has faced many challenges in recent years.

Follow Rossi Boots as they share their journey to become more innovative, more competitive and more profitable through incorporating design concepts early on in the product manufacturing process. As a part of Enterprise Connect Design Integration Program, the business learnt to use design as a strategic and effective tool to boost performance, open new markets, cut costs and reduce risk.

Researchers in Business

Researchers in business

Researchers in Business is an Enterprise Connect program that supports the placement of researchers from universities or public research agencies into businesses, to help develop and implement a new idea with commercial potential.

Resources Connect

Resources Connect

Under the Buy Australian initiative, Enterprise Connect is offering a national course for business diversification, Resources Connect, to assist Australian suppliers to engage in major projects in the resources and energy sector by assisting them to identify if their business systems meet the sectors requirements, and providing targeted and action oriented capability development. Developed by Enterprise Connect and Mt Eliza Executive Education, this course delivers solutions for the three main challenges suppliers face when aiming to participate in major resource projects: Pre-qualification and tendering process; Obtaining finance and managing risk; and Collaboration and industry relations.

See participants share their experiences and benefits gained from taking part in the pilot of the Resources Connect Business Course.

Remote Enterprise

Remote tourism business survives in a challenging environment

Follow Crocodylus Park, a tourism business in remote Australia, as they share their experience surviving in a challenging environment with assistance from Enterprise Connect. Crocodylus Park faced strong competition from a nearby tourism facility and an aggressive competitor in Darwin's central tourist precinct. Enterprise Connect helped Crocodylus Park identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop clear strategic direction and plan for sustainable growth.

Resources Technology

Electrical business makes the most of its resources

Many towns in Western Australia are going through a real growth stage with the mining industry, with businesses are finding it hard to get the resources they need to service the mining boom.

Follow GCo Electrical, industrial and infrastructure specialists, as they share their journey to become a key supplier to the mining industry. With advice and support from Enterprise Connect, GCo Electrical rebranded their business to attract a wider audience and have now moved on to some exciting new projects in this sector.

Printing and Publishing

Printing industry transformation

The printing industry in Australia has undergone a period of radical change. How do some printing businesses grow and prosper during turbulent times while others falter?

Follow Focus Press as they share their transformation journey - introducing strategic, long-term measures that ultimately lead to growth and a strong resilient business.

Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturer diversifies to rise to the top

The dairy industry in Australia has a unique place in the world market, and is known as a clean and green food manufacturer.

Follow Longwarry Food Park, a dairy manufacturer based in Gippsland Victoria, as they share their business expansion journey - diversifying products and implementing manufacturing plant improvements to achieve higher productivity, lower costs and increased profitability.