Management Matters

Australian researchers surveyed 439 manufacturing firms in Australia to examine the link between their management practices and their productivity performance.

This is an extension of the prestigious study developed by the London School of Economics, Stanford University and McKinsey & Co which including Australia has assessed more than 4,000 firms across sixteen countries. It allows Australian companies’ performance to be compared to our peers.

The survey rates management based on three core components: operations; performance and targets; and people.

To find out more:

You can download a pdf version of the report: Management Matters in Australia

You can request assistance with the document or a physical copy of the study by e-mailing or see the survey's factsheet.

Enterprise Connect Score Card

The Enterprise Connect Score Card details the performance, statistics and results of our key services. To find out more, take a look at the latest Score Card .

Digital Booklet

The Enterprise Connect Booklet explains the valuable contributions SME's make to the Australian economy and uses engaging business examples to illustrate how Enterprise Connect services are helping business reach their full potential.

Enterprise Connect Brochure

Our Enterprise Connect brochure "Give your business a competitive edge" is available online. To find out more, take a look at the Enterprise Connect Brochure.

Technology Roadmaps

Enterprise Connect commissioned CSIRO to develop a series of Technology Roadmaps. The technology roadmaps seek to provide businesses (in the identified sectors) with technology foresight through:

  1. Identifying the market, technology, and other associated drivers,
  2. Identifying current, emerging, and likely future market opportunities,
  3. Identifying future technology needs and associated enablers for Australian industry to take advantage of these opportunities,
  4. Forecasting technology development trends and opportunities in the targeted areas,
  5. Offering a framework to assist with planning, coordination, and uptake of technology development by industry, and
  6. Identifying critical technologies, enablers, and gaps.

If you would like to request a copy of the technology Roadmaps, please email