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Innovative Regions Centre

Enterprise Connect’s Innovative Regions Centre delivers a diverse range of regional strategies through a team of highly experienced regional economic development specialists, known as Regional Innovation Facilitators. The Facilitators have industry backgrounds and extensive first-hand business experience. They work directly with Australian businesses, research and education institutions and communities in diverse regions across Australia - regions that are undergoing rapid change – to help shape and grow globally competitive industries.

Since the regions are very diverse, so are the strategies developed and used by Facilitators, including:

  • Supporting the growth of industry clusters and business alliances to help develop capability and increase productivity
  • Assisting small and medium enterprises to adopt systematic approaches to innovation
  • Undertaking industry capability and supply chain analysis to help identify opportunities for collaboration, capability development and increased productivity
  • Developing and coordinating innovation networks
  • Designing and implementing place-based innovation and entrepreneurship strategies and projects.

The nature of a Facilitator’s work is based on the recognition by government and industry leaders that the future competitiveness of Australia’s regional economies depends on a strategic approach to innovation.

The Innovative Regions Centre also has a specialised team of experienced Innovation Facilitators that work Australia-wide to conduct projects beyond the regions covered by our Regional Facilitators. The Innovation Facilitators have deep knowledge of supply chain analysis and regional economic development, and conduct specialist projects across Australia including:

  • Regional and National Supply Chain Analysis – to assess existing linkages and levels of collaboration among selected groups of firms and related organisations.

  • Strategic Alliance Building / Partnering – to facilitate collaboration between businesses to jointly pursue commercial opportunities, address the impacts and/or threats posed by structural change, and maximise sharing of infrastructure, resources, knowledge and logistics to improve operational outcomes.

  • Group Business Reviews - to provide an assessment of capability and identify areas of improvement to groups of firms that share a common business interest.

  • Structural Adjustment Impact Assessments – a preliminary economic assessment of a region and the potential supply chain impact of a major structural adjustment event.

Find out how our Facilitators are helping to shape and grow globally competitive industries.