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Technology and Knowledge Connect

Would better technology and technical knowledge make your business more profitable, productive and high performing?

Our Technology and Knowledge Connect (TKC) service, as part of the Business Review process, is available for you to access at no charge.

TKC aims to help established businesses who have completed or are undertaking an Enterprise Connect Business Review. Our team of technology experts will work closely with your Business Advisers and our partner organisations to:

  • Diagnose your technology and technical knowledge related issues/opportunities (i.e. processes, plant and equipment)
  • Connect your Business Adviser to the most appropriate domestic and international sources of expertise, suppliers of technology and technical knowledge advice for your business
  • Assist your business to access prototyping and testing facilities
  • Give you advice about other relevant Innovation grant programs

If your firm encounters a technology or technical knowledge issue/opportunities that it cannot solve it is suggested that you complete the Technology and Knowledge Connect Enquiry form.

Information Technology (IT) Quick Guides

Enterprise Connect has developed a range of Quick Guides that are targeted at small to medium sized businesses contemplating the purchase of an Information Technology (IT) solution. This could include for example, a new financial management system, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or a new cloud based IT service. The guides can be found in the related links section of this page.

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