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Supplier Continuous Improvement Program

The Enterprise Connect's Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP) is a multi-year change program which is provided at no charge to eligible firms. SCIP is designed to increase SME productivity within selected sectors by developing and improving their supply chain performance and relationships, ensuring they remain competitive and capable to deliver increased value over a three-cycle engagement.

SCIP aims to assist businesses to standardise processes; remove duplication and hence reduce costs; reduce the number of duplicated quality interventions by customers; modernise business relationships; improve communications and collaboration; increase efficiency and simplicity; and increase innovation.

The SCIP Fact sheet provides further information on the service. The SCIP Client Information Guide provides firms with detailed information on the service including eligibility, how to apply and the obligations of client firms.

The Tailored Advisory Service provides an opportunity for firms undertaking SCIP to offset costs in implementation of the improvements recommended in the SCIP. Further information about the Tailored Advisory Service can be found in the Client Information Guide.

How to Apply

The Supplier Continuous Improvement Program Application Form takes about 10 minutes to complete. The form collects your contact details and assesses whether your business meets the eligibility criteria.

You are also required to add your ANZSIC category and number in the application form. If you are unsure of what ANZSIC number applies to your business, you can do a keyword search on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website or you can download a list of the ANZSIC codes.

Your application will be assessed by Enterprise Connect. One of our staff will contact you within one to two working days to notify you of the outcome of your application.

Please contact the Continuous Improvement Network on (02)6213 7552 or email for further information in relation to SCIP.

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